The recently retired founder of motorsports company Saleen Inc., Steve Saleen, has taken up the role as CEO of New Jersey-based ZX Automobile Company of North American (ZXNA) to help import Chinese vehicles to the US. ZXNA is a subsidiary of Chamco Auto, a company that plans to launch a Chinese built pickup and SUV in Mexico later this year with US sales to follow early next year, reports Automotive News.

Just last month, Saleen announced his retirement from his self-titled motorsports and tuning shop, Saleen Inc., mentioning that he’d stay on as a corporate spokesperson and ambassador for the brand.

His new company, ZXNA, will run the operations side and establishment of Chamco's dealership network in the US. Back in February it ran an exhibition to recruit dealers at the National Automobile Dealers Association convention in Las Vegas.

The new cars will be sourced from China’s Hebei Zhongxing Auto, with which ZXNA has exclusive import and distribution rights. Pictured above is an SUV named the Landmark, possibly one of the first Chinese vehicles to be sold Stateside. ZXNA is also planning to establish a manufacturing base in Mexico, where it hopes to import up to 30,000 vehicles per year to the US by 2009.