Porsche’s momentum in the sales race shows no sign of slowing, and with the introduction of all new models the once exclusive sports car brand is on the road to becoming mainstream. Current sales levels stand at roughly 100,000 units per year, double the number of cars Porsche sold just six years ago. The Detroit News reports that this figure may double again within the next six years.

Analysts from investment bank Morgan Stanley predict that Porsche will sell close to 200,000 cars by 2012, however, experts from auto consultancy firm CSM Worldwide are less optimistic but still see Porsche selling at least 150,000 cars per year by 2013.

With Europe’s largest car manufacturer, Volkswagen AG, under its control thanks to an increase in its stake to 31%, Porsche is in a prime situation to take advantage of VW’s substantial manufacturing, R&D and procurement capabilities. Professor Ferdinand Dudenhoeffer, the managing director of another consultancy firm, B&D Forecast of Bochum, thinks that Porsche could eventually sell up to half a million vehicles by utilizing the resources of VW.

According to Morgan Stanley, the growth in Porsche’s sales will ride on the back of the release of several new models including the Panamera sedan in 2009, followed by a baby-Cayenne SUV in 2010 and a new coupe based on the Panamera in 2011.