When Nanjing Automobile bought the MG Rover brand back in 2005 it also picked up the rights to many of MG’s ‘heritage brands,’ including the Austin Motor Company. Now it’s reported that the Chinese carmaker has reached deal with Healey Automobile Consultants Limited to revive both the Healey and Austin Healey labels.

Nanjing’s Quality Director Paul Stowe has previously described Austin as “a fantastic brand with an enormous worldwide appeal,” and revealed that Nanjing hopes to create a new budget-oriented brand with a well recognized badge. In a recent press release, officials from Nanjing commented that they’re “delighted to announce their intention to collaborate with Healey Consultants on the future development of the Healey and Austin Healey brands and sports cars bearing their name".

The new cars will likely replace the ZR and ZS from MG Rover’s original lineup, and may even feature a range of high-tech diesel engines sourced from a European carmaker. The next step will see Nanjing expand into the lucrative US market and with the well renowned Austin and Healey, as well as MG, things just seem to on the up and up for the Chinese carmaker.