Volkswagen has revealed details about some of its upcoming technologies planned for its cars, with most of the spotlight centered on more eco-friendly engines. First up is a new Combined Combustion System (CCS) engine technology. Similar to diesel units, CCS mixes the fuel and air 'homogeneously' inside the engine, which in effect removes any trace of soot and reduces polluting nitrogen oxides. CCS also requires a synthetic fuel for optimal results.

The new fuel, called SynFuel, is derived from natural gas and is currently under development by several carmakers. Another engine technology is Gasoline Compression Ignition system, which promises to be as clean as petrol motors but as efficient as diesels. GCI works by using spark plugs during start-up and hard acceleration, but relying on sparkless compression ignition, like a diesel, during low load situations, such as cruising on a highway. Both the CCS and GCI is planned to be introduced into production cars by 2015, 4Car reports.

To improve its cars' handling and dynamics, VW plans to introduce steering and suspension systems that can be reconfigured with just a push of a button. Steering can be adjusted to mimic the fast pace of a Lotus Elise or sedateness of a Hyundai. Then there’s a switch to increase the response of the accelerator, DSG dual-clutch gearbox and even the brakes.

Inside, VW is planning to add a Human Machine Interface (HMI) system that will rely on video cameras to monitor the road ahead and send a signal to the driver to warn of oncoming hazards. It can also rearrange the display of the instrument panel so that the driver only sees the most vital information. All this technology sounds very promising and we hope the other carmakers will follow suit.