Fiat’s new 500 minicar was only unveiled on Wednesday but already attention has turned to the upcoming Cabrio and performance Abarth versions of the stylish subcompact. Pictured here is an artist’s impression of the convertible version that’s due to go on sale in the first half of next year, just in time for the northern summer.

The car’s compact size and low cost means it’ll make do with a manual folding soft-top and provide seating for only two passengers. Slightly revised styling will most likely be handled by one of Italy’s famed design houses but most of the lines from the hardtop will carry over untouched.

Engine options will likely remain the same as the hardtop, which means the new 70hp 1.2L and 100hp 1.4L petrol engines and the ultra-efficient 75hp 1.3L Multijet diesel will carry over.

Also planned for production is the new sporty Abarth version, which has been spotted undergoing testing at the Nurburgring. The test mule was seen sporting larger lower-profile tires and is rumoured to be sporting a 150hp turbocharged version of the 1.4L petrol engine.