Ford is reportedly teaming up with the Southern California Edison power company to help further the introduction of plug-in hybrid vehicles. CEO Alan Mulally will be meeting with Edison boss John Bryson at the utility’s Rosemead headquarters tomorrow for the official announcement.

Though final details are yet to be released, the deal will likely entail the roll-out of a system to allow plug-ins to transfer stored energy back to the electric grid and recharge their batteries at night when demand is low.

Last month a Ford exec revealed to Reuters that development of new hybrid vehicles is well underway and Chairman Bill Ford Jr. admitted the Blue Oval failed to capitalize on the eco-friendly technology following the release of its first hybrid vehicle back in 2004.

Pictured above is the Ford Edge plug-in hybrid concept car unveiled during January’s Detroit Auto Show. Powered by Ford’s HySeries Drive technology, the Edge plug-in features a fuel-cell powerplant mated with an electric motor and is capable of driving up to 25 miles on a single charge.