GM has announced that it will offer fuel-efficient diesel engines in its Cadillac and Saturn lineup for US markets by 2010. The diesels will be used in GM’s cars, crossovers and light-duty trucks according to Vice Chairman Bob Lutz.

We may get a preview of one of the first diesel engines that GM plans to use by as early as September’s Frankfurt Auto Show, reports Automotive News, possibly in its e-flex Opel Vectra. The next-gen Vectra will likely be sold in the US as the new Saturn Aura, and GM is expected to showcase the new e-flex system again during the Detroit Show in January.

As for the standard diesel offerings, an inside source revealed that "it'll end up in a Cadillac, and there will be a front-wheel-drive version of the engine in 2009 or 2010 calendar year".

Unlike the new ultra-clean diesels used by many European makes, the new GM oil-burner won’t be compliant for emissions in all 50 states, which means states like California will miss out. For the rest of the states, expect to see a newly developed 4.5L V8 appearing in light-duty pickups and SUVs, plus a smaller 2.9L V6 developed with VM Motori and to be launched in the 2009 CTS.