The CEO of GM's Daewoo Automotive Technology has speculated that a minicar similar to one of the three concepts shown at the New York Motor show earlier this year could be heading to the US and arriving as a 2011 model. This comes despite GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz telling the Wall Street Journal there was no chance the cars would be built for North America.

Michael Grimaldi, who’s also the President of GM Daewoo, told AutoWeek that “GM doesn’t sell a minicar here in North America because there is no market. If there appears to have been a shift and if we can make those vehicles economically, we can then determine if we should introduce those vehicles here.”

Built on the same chassis that underpins both the Cheverolet Spark and Daewoo Matiz, the Cheverolet Trax, Groove and Beat were created to test American reactions to the minicar segment.

Minicars brought in by other carmakers have done reasonably well in the US, so there’s still a chance GM may sell one if petrol prices or demand increases.