BMW is engineering a version of its X5 SUV that emits less than 225g of CO2 per kilometer, which means the new off-roader will escape the outrageous £25 (US$50) London congestion charge. Thanks to BMW’s fuel-saving Efficient Dynamics technology, the X5 3.0d and 3.0Sd will see CO2 emissions levels drop to 214 and 216g/km respectively. With the lower emissions, the new X5 diesels will also see a drop in their annual Vehicle Excise Duty when they go on sale at the start of next year.

Backed by eco-advocate London Mayor Ken Livingstone, officials increased the congestion charge for vehicles that emit more than 225g of CO2 per kilometer to the £25 mark. The change would surely have cost BMW sales of its X5 and this prompted execs back in Munich to address the issue, reports Business Car.

These are exactly the type of vehicles Livingstone had hoped to deter from entering the busy parts of London but BMW weren’t about to stand for that. Lexus also has an SUV that emits less than 225g of CO2 per kilometer, and you can be sure other carmakers are looking at ways to build their cars to this specification.