Ford is considering increasing the number of North American-built vehicles it sells in South America as demand in the continent experiences record gains. Though no plans have been finalized, Ford’s president of its South American division Dominic DiMarco says there are a number of options available and dwindling sales in the North means there’s a new focus being placed on exports. Earlier this month it was revealed Ford would be exporting the Mexican-built Fusion sedan to South Korea.

The two fastest growing markets in South America are Brazil and Argentina, but Ford is limited by the amount of cars it has available for sale. The Blue Oval is currently in the midst of closing up to 16 plants to meet slowing demand back home but at the same time it’s starting to invest in new facilities in Argentina, reports Automotive News.

Ford’s market share in the region has increased by 12.4% since the start of the decade, where as in the US it’s lost market share of 1% for each of those years. It currently sells the Fusion, Mustang, Explorer and Expedition SUVs in limited numbers in South America.