Two major creditors for Dutch automaker Spyker have requested that the company and its Formula One racing team be declared bankrupt, and are currently seeking legal action to retrieve money they claim they are owed. The creditors include a Zürich insurance company and a private individual, who have told AD that they’re owed a combined 345,000 euros.

Earlier this month, Spyker’s interim CEO Michiel Mol stepped down from the top job, as did former CEO and founder Victor Muller back in May. However, it’s thought that Mol resigned so that he would be free to make a bid for Spyker’s F1 team.

Spyker’s F1 unit has also reportedly suspended its chief designer John McQuilliam. Though the decision remains a mystery, Autosport claim that it’s likely to be because of the failure of the team’s B car to pass recent crash testing prior to the Turkish Grand Prix.


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