The upcoming Dodge Challenger will not be sold in European markets as the car will only be manufactured in limited numbers with many American fans likely to miss out as well. The decision was apparently made by Chrysler’s new owners, Cerberus Capital Management, who actually overturned plans made by Chrysler’s previous management team, reports AutoTelegraaf.

The final production version of the new Dodge Challenger will be revealed at the Chicago Auto Show on the 15th of February next year, and is expected to enter production at Chrysler’s Brampton plant later that same year.

All is not loss for European fans of American muscle. If there’s enough demand, private importers may sell the car across Europe in limited numbers but potential buyers will undoubtedly be facing a substantial markup. There's no word if Chevrolet's new Camaro will make it across the Atlantic but Ford offers some solace with its Mustang range.