It didn’t take long for all five ‘Pur Sang’ versions of the Bugatti Veyron to sell out. Just 24 hours after the car was first revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the ultra-exclusive run of just five cars was completely accounted for. The going rate was €1.4 million a piece but somehow we suspect that was of no concern to the buyers.

The Pur Sang is easily recognized by its unpainted carbon and aluminum body, which not only looks great, it also sheds up to 100kg from the standard Veyron’s kerb weight. Considering its success, there are reports claiming Bugatti is starting a new individualization program for the 1001hp supercar, which means we’re likely to see even more Veyron specials in the near future. Click here to read all the details about the Pur Sang and view our gallery.