Last week’s release of a chart detailing General Motors’ future production plans has also revealed an interesting tidbit of info concerning the upcoming Volt plug-in electric hybrid car. The chart lists the cars that will be manufactured at several GM plants. At its Detroit, Hamtramck and Michigan facilities, the chart states GM will build the “Buick Lucerne and Cadillac DTS continue until 2010; Global Delta MPV7 beginning in 2009; Global Delta Volt beginning in 2010; Global Epsilon Chevrolet beginning in 2012."

What’s odd is that there’s no vehicle brand listed for the Volt. According to the guys at Motor Trend, this was no oversight and it likely means the final branding for the Volt has not been confirmed yet. One suggestion is that it could be sold as a Cadillac, which would allow GM to charge a significant markup to absorb the cost of the expensive battery technology it requires.

The facts so far are that it will be built on the Global Delta (compact car) platform and should arrive on the market by 2010. U.S. versions will most likely feature a petrol powered engine for charging the batteries, while models in Europe could feature a diesel unit.