Before you shrug this off as just some pointless comparison, take a close look at the stats of these two vehicles. In one corner we have the SLR McLaren, which we’re sure most readers would recognize, and in the other corner we have the Mercedes-Benz Actros Black Edition semi. The SLR supercar is putting down a healthy 626hp and 780Nm (575lb-ft) of torque, while the Actros makes do with a an equally impressive 612hp power figure and an earth-moving 2,700Nm (1,991lb-ft) of torque.

While it’s no 44.5L Weltrekordwagon, the Actros still impresses with its monster 15.9L turbodiesel V8 engine. The SLR, meanwhile, is powered by a supercharged petrol V8 mill displacing 5.4L.

Of course the big truck can’t keep up with the carbon-fiber and aluminum laden SLR for obvious reasons, but it nonetheless demonstrates some impressive braking and acceleration for such a big vehicle as you’ll see in the following German language video.


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