The all new GT-R is like no other car Nissan dealers across Europe and the U.S. have ever sold before so it’s little wonder scores of maintenance workers and sales staff around the globe are being specially trained in readiness for the car’s official launch. Nissan will be setting up 160 new high-performance centers in Japan alone to sell the GT-R and its relatively high list price means sales staff will have to be able to deal with much more discerning customers.

“The GT-R requires special attention because its technology is so advanced,” Corporate Vice President Takao Katagiri explained to Associated Press reporters. “It also calls for finesse in salesmanship because the sales representative must deal with customers who are going to be very demanding.”

Nissan dealers in the U.S. and Europe are expected to follow the trend in Japan. One thing is for certain and that is the new GT-R won’t be sold through Infiniti.

The high output of the car and its high-rev engine will require special maintenance but officials are expected sales to slow down quickly after the hype wears off. Convincing many buyers to part with roughly $80,000 for a Nissan will be a hard sell despite the performance aspect of the car. You have to remember that in the U.S. for instance this kind of price level can get you into a BMW M5 or a Porsche 911.