The Alfa 8C Competizione was never intended to be produced. It was just a concept car demonstrating what could be done with a brilliant team of engineers and lots of cash but an enthusiastic reception by the press and public encouraged Alfa to go ahead and build it. Unfortunately, Alfa decided to only build 500 of them. Demand would have supported many more units but it seems Alfa is only concerned with breaking even with 8C Competizione.

According to AutoTelegraaf, Alfa had up to 1,200 orders for the 8C but held production back to just 500 units to maintain exclusivity. Since its debut in concept form at the Frankfurt Show in 2003, the Alfa 8C has won many fans for its striking good looks. The production Competizione completes the package with speed to match, topping out at 292km/h (181mph). The 450hp supercar carries a matching price tag of US$227,000 (€165,000). Clearly, selling several thousand units could have brought in considerable revenue - but Alfa instead chose to limit production and just recoup costs.

Regardless of the business sense behind limiting the 8C Competizione to just 500 examples, doing so ensures the car will command collector status in a very short time - although some would argue the looks alone would have assured Alfa’s 8C a slot in the history books. The 8C Spider - due in 2009 - is expected to sell in similar numbers, so if you want to get a taste of Alfa’s sweetest ride, you’ll need a fat wallet and a spot at the front of the line.