Mercedes-Benz has shown that ultra-efficient motoring doesn’t have to be limited to compact diesel and hybrid cars with the launch of its new E350 CGI and second-generation direct petrol injection system. Compared to the regular E350, the fuel consumption of the E350 CGI is lower by around 10% per hundred kilometers, and with 292hp (215kW) this unit also makes 20hp (15kW) more output available.

Fuel consumption figures for the new E350 CGI came in at just 27mpg (8.7L/100km), and despite this frugality the executive saloon still accelerates to 100km/h from rest in just 6.8 seconds and reaches an electronically controlled top speed of 250km/h.

Mercedes has also begun sales of its new E300 BLUETEC diesel, which ranks as the world’s cleanest diesel in its class. To achieve this status, the clean-diesel features an oxidizing catalytic converter and a particulate filter to ensure effective exhaust gas aftertreatment. Power is slightly down over the existing E320CDI, coming in at 211hp (155kW). The combined consumption figure for the E300 BLUETEC stands at 32.7mpg (7.2L/100km).