Motorists in the UK are already faced with some of the highest fuel prices and road taxes in the world and now they could be facing much tougher penalties for speeding. The latest proposal could see drivers banned for just two offences and face fines of up to £100 ($209). In fairness to the policy makers, the new rules only apply to drivers traveling well over the posted limits and not minor infringements.

According to a report in the Times, the higher penalty system only applies to drivers caught speeding at more than 45mph in a 30mph zone, over 70mph in a 50mph zone and over 94mph in a 70 mph area. In addition to the fine speeders would be charged with six penalty points and if they accumulate 12 points in a three year period they receive an automatic six month suspension.

Such a proposal could potentially affect millions of drivers. A survey in March found that 4.5 million drivers currently had points on their licence for speeding and 21% of these were just one conviction away from a ban.

A spokesman for the Department of Transport said the options had not yet been set and the consultation process would begin before the end of the year.