After months of speculation and plenty of denials we now have the first sign of support towards the introduction of more variants of the G8/Commodore for the North American market. The new models are claimed to be based on the recently revealed Holden Sportwagon concept and VE Commodore ute already in sale in Australia.

The information comes from three inside sources, who revealed to Automotive News that both new models will be sourced from Australia. The wagon will be marketed as a performance tourer, while the ute will be reminiscent of the Chevrolet El Camino. Both cars will be sold as Pontiacs and will closely resemble their Holden cousins.

Product planners were debating whether to market the vehicles through GMC but in the end chose to stick with Pontiac since the cars could be marketed alongside the new G8 saloon as part of a RWD high-performance family. Powertrain options include a 255hp (190kW) 3.6L V6 in base models and an optional 362hp (270kW) 6.0L V8 for more performance.

The only stumbling block is the depreciating U.S. dollar, which means the new models could come in priced higher than the G8 sedan or canceled altogether.