The Cross Cabriolet concept (pictured), Audi’s automotive Frankenstein’s monster, is believed to be essentially a Q5 in show-car dress. The upcoming small crossover is expected to join the A4 and Q7 as a volume leader for the company. Add a roof and more sedate colors, and the Q5 will still be a unique buy in the rapidly growing crossover segment. Audi thinks that will ensure its success.

Sales figures should be roughly even with the A4 and Q7, which sell between 24,000 and 40,000 units each year. More cars will follow the Q5 as Audi aims at increasing sales to 200,000 cars annually by 2018, reports Automotive News. In 2006 Audi managed total sales of 90,116 vehicles, so the plan for 2018 would more than double their current level of production. Sales for 2007 are reportedly up ten percent over last year’s so far, which would bring Audi nearer to 100,000 vehicles sold if it keeps up at the current pace.

The Q5 won’t be available until early 2009, however. Until then Audi is relying on increased sales of the Q7. However, the factory is currently churning them out as quickly as it can and the company only has a 38-day supply, so increasing sales will mean even more strain to meet production goals. Currently about 1,500 Q7s are making it to the United States, but Audi plans to free up some of its V8 engine production for use in the Q7, which should increase U.S. shipments to 2,000 per month by early 2008.