In an announcement that seemingly runs contrary to a previous decision to hold quality and brand recognition above sales, especially in Europe, Infiniti says it will push for global expansion, expecting ‘double digit sales increases well into the future.’ Specifically, Infiniti seeks to compete in Western Europe by the end of 2008. In a way, however, Infiniti’s push for expansion is more a result of growing its geographical presence than jacking up sales.

In 2006, Infiniti had dealerships in only 43% of luxury markets globally, while by the end of 2008, the company hopes to grow that figure to 93% - effectively more than doubling their geographical coverage. In addition, Infiniti is looking to grow its business into newly developing segments of the luxury market, especially the younger buyers, which are playing a larger role than in the past, reports Automotive News. By 2012, buyers under the age of 47 will account for 35% to 40% of sales in luxury crossovers, luxury-utility and near-luxury categories, according to Infiniti’s projections.

Part of Infiniti’s plan to market its products to its new and future audience is a focus on product and powertrain ‘freshness’ – the meaning of which is not especially clear. Infiniti’s spokesman nevertheless returned to the company’s tag line of customer service and product quality, emphasizing their importance to Infiniti’s continued success.