Carmakers are always looking at new ways to get their products into the hearts and minds of the new car buying public, and Wal-Mart seems intent on selling everything under the sun, so it doesn’t come as a complete surprise to hear that the retail giant is considering selling a hybrid car from one of the major carmakers. Wal-Mart CEO H. Lee Scott has confirmed that talks between the retailer and several carmakers took place and that the discussions surrounded a possible deal to sell petrol-electric hybrids and new plug-in hybrids through its chain of stores.

"Maybe there isn't room for Wal-Mart in this right now,'' Scott said in a speech to store managers and suppliers in Kansas City yesterday. "But something tells me that there may be some role for us in the future.'' Scott didn't identify the carmakers, other than to say they were "major'' companies, Bloomberg reports.

Scott is a key backer of the green movement and he’s also determined to eliminate America’s dependence on oil. Not only does he hope to start selling the hybrid vehicles, he’s also set up a team to work closely with suppliers to improve the energy-efficiency of the products Wal-Mart sells.