If Alfa Romeo is serious about competing with Germany’s premium labels it will eventually have to drop its FWD lineup or at least offer more affordable rear-drive models, but the carmaker’s low volume status makes developing a brand new premium RWD platform unfeasible. One solution is to license an existing design from another carmaker, and latest reports claim that’s exactly what’s going to happen over the next couple of years as Alfa updates its lineup and prepares for its relaunch into North America.

Alfa Romeo was previously in talks with Mercedes-Benz over a possible platform sharing deal but all discussions between the two carmakers have come to an end. Alfa is said to be looking for a premium design for a new flagship saloon as well as the replacement for the current 159 sedan. Germany’s AutoBild is now reporting that Alfa could use Cadillac’s first-generation Sigma platform for its new cars (the original Sigma platform was used for the first-generation CTS and current STS sedans in Cadillac’s lineup).

According to the source, every Alfa model positioned above the 147 hatchback will eventually become RWD. Some of the cars that will switch to RWD include the next Alfa Spider, Brera Coupe, 159 and the all-new 169 flagship. The report also goes on to claim sister-brand Maserati will use the platform for a new 2+2 seater coupe, roadster and small sedan.

Next year will see the launch of the first RWD Alfa since the early 1990s’ 75 in the form of the all-new 8C Competizione sports coupe, and by the looks of things we’re in store for a whole lot more.