Jaguar is in the middle of the difficult process of revamping its image, dropping the old, stodgy look of the now discontinued X and S-Type models in favor of the dynamic and fresh styling embodied by the new XF. If this wasn’t hard enough, Jaguar also has to endure very tight budgets and is on the verge of being taken over by Indian carmaker Tata or possibly private equity firm One Equity.

Despite the challenges, Jaguar's management is "entirely relaxed" about the situation. Speaking with the Financial Times, Jaguar design boss Ian Callum (the man behind the XF), said Tata has looked at the new model lines and the planned product cycle and is “being very respectful about what Jaguar are doing." Tata is in fact one of the biggest suppliers to Jaguar and Land Rover through the Anglo-Dutch steel group, Corus, which it took over last year.

Callum revealed that he’s pleased with the way things are going. The same couldn’t be said for the relationship Jaguar has with its current owner, Ford, and its past practices. The unsuccessful entry-level X-Type, for example, was essentially designed in Detroit by Ford and was forced upon reluctant designers and engineers at Jaguar’s UK design center.

Callum wasn’t willing to confirm if Tata is in fact the new owners of Jaguar and Land Rover, so we’ll have to wait until the sale is finalized at the end of next month for the official announcement.