Numerous carmakers have turned to dual-clutch transmissions in the interest of squeezing out maximum performance, economy and refinement, but despite the proven benefits of the technology just as many brands, if not more, are yet to embrace it. Renault is one such company that’s yet to adopt dual-clutch technology but that will all change as the carmaker has announced plans to use the efficient gearbox to cut its fleet CO2 emissions.

Speaking with Automotive News Europe, Renault product planning Chief Patrick Pelata confirmed the announcement but wasn’t willing to reveal a launch date. “They are on their way and we will not come too late,” he commented.

Renault’s partner Nissan recently launched its first dual-clutch gearbox in its high-performance GT-R, so we suspect the technology will eventually flow on to more Renault and Nissan models in coming years. Nissan sources its gearbox from BorgWarner but no details about Renault’s new transmissions have been released.

Rival carmaker Fiat has also confirmed it will start using dual-clutch transmissions from September next year and we suspect more carmakers will quickly follow suit and announce their own plans.