Honda has promised its hundreds of formula one staff a $2000 bonus should Jenson Button or Rubens Barrichello win a race in 2008. The move, which would cost the Brackley based team in excess of $1.5m per victory, would apply not only to mechanics and engineers but also to the cleaners of the Brackley factory, according to the team's HR director John Marsden.

Marsden told HR delegates at a Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development conference in London this week that the motivation scheme is designed to encourage team spirit. He also said it is hoped that the monetary incentive will keep employees motivated to stay at Honda rather than switch to rival teams.

"Everyone gets a bonus if we win -- from the race staff to the cleaners," he is quoted as saying by the publication Personnel Today. "I want everyone to feel part of the team," Marsden added. "People need to be faced with a thought process about what they would lose if they left you," he said. (GMM)