Lamborghini’s Reventon supercar was without doubt one of the standout cars of 2007 and with only 20 examples rolling out of the factory your chances of snapping one up now are next to nil. Not so, apparently as a Reventon has been put up for sale for the princely sum of €1,590,000 or roughly $2,344,000 at current exchange rates, a significant premium over the €1 million official price.

What’s more surprising is that this isn’t even the first Reventon put up for sale since the car’s launch last year. Back in October we reported that a Reventon owned by ex-professional footballer Hugh McAuley was for sale in the UK and then in January this year news came out Connecticut-based firm Putnam Leasing has a Reventon available on a lease.

It’s not clear who the owner of this latest car is but we can confirm that it’s being sold in Italy. In fact, an advertisement for the car has been posted here. What’s most bizarre is that in order to be eligible for one of these limited production models you’d normally need to be a longstanding customer with Lamborghini and have already previously owned a number of the exotics, not typically the type who would sell the car to make a quick profit.