Ford has been named in the 'Toxic Ten' list of corporate polluters, compiled by Conde Naste's Portfolio magazine. As the list itself states, the Toxic Ten is a look at companies that may not be the worst polluters, but companies that have the resources and ability to do better at increasing their environmental friendliness.

There were several reasons given in the list for Ford's selection. One of the major reasons was that Ford had the second-worst fleetwide gas-mileage rating for the past two years according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

In addition to this, Ford also withdrew its promise to manufacture at least 250,000 hybrid vehicles within two years even though it was the first American car manufacturer to offer a Hybrid SUV. Ford was also slammed for continued production of the F-150, one of the biggest gas-guzzlers on the road and still one of Ford's biggest sellers. The manufacturer was also singled out for failing to properly clean up a 500-acre waste dump in New Jersey in 2006, after the EPA conducted a reexamination of the area after Ford's 1994 cleanup. The waste site was the first site to be re-listed as contaminated after being cleaned in the Superfund program's history.

While Ford is certainly not one of the top ten polluters outright, it is lagging behind its competitors in becoming more green and its failed promises have incensed environmentalists and consumers alike.