Independent vehicle manufacturer Magna Steyr will present a new hybrid compact off-roader concept at next week’s Geneva Motor Show as the latest iteration of the longstanding MILA innovation family. This is in fact the third MILA concept, which goes by the name Alpin, and it features a unique body specially designed for integrating various types of alternative powertrains.

Developers focused on the construction process of the car rather than aesthetics, designing the car to make assembly as cost-efficient as possible. At the same time, developers also created a new niche as the Alpin is a vehicle that features off-road capability, a compact size, and is environmentally friendly. It also features a mid-engine layout, is capable of climbing terrain at 45 degrees, and is powered by a hybrid drivetrain that consists of a compressed natural gas (CNG) internal combustion engine. Other powertrain options include a full CNG powerplant or a small supercharged petrol engine.

The concept's chassis consists of straight sections, which are made of different materials to guarantee low weight and enable a flexible body concept. This modular design process also makes the car easier to produce as it’s built upon a number of modules rather than individual components. The body features a tall seating position, with space for four, and visibility is improved thanks to a large panoramic glass roof.