Influential magazine Consumer Reports has come out with this year’s ‘Top Picks’ comparo, picking the best cars from ten different categories in a field that included over 260 vehicles. For the first time ever, a South Korean manufacturer has been included as a top pick - Hyundai has not just one car, but two cars in two different categories. Another new entrant to the awards, the Lexus LS460L was the highest scoring car in the history of the awards garnering a near perfect 99 out of 100.

The awards are done by category as follows:

* Green Car - Toyota Prius

Chosen for its unbeaten 44mpg in a 5-seat hybrid sedan as well as its reliability.

* Small Sedan - Hyundai Elantra SE

Chosen for its overall package of quality and features, and lots of safety systems, for a relatively low price.

* Family Sedan - Honda Accord

Again, its overall package of smooth ride, refined interior and exterior and roominess saw this car edge out its competitors.

* Upscale Sedan - Infiniti G35 (pictured)

A pleasing combination of sportiness and luxury, with smooth powertrains and agile handling, as well as the choice of AWD.

* Luxury Sedan - Lexus LS 460L

The highest rating car to ever be tested by Consumer Reports, scored well in every category.

* Fun to Drive - Mazda MX-5 Miata

Cheap top-down thrills and a superb chassis saw this car score as high as the Porsche Boxster but at half the price.

* Small SUV - Toyota RAV4

Comfortable, roomy and an enthusiastic engine as well as good fuel economy.

* Midsized SUV - Hyundai Santa Fe

A quiet and expansive interior, good build quality, a refined powertrain, a relatively good ride, and ESC as standard.

* Minivan - Toyota Sienna

Only minivan with AWD, as well as a quiet interior and comfortable ride.

* Pickup Truck - Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Crew Cab

A good compromise between practicality and comfort with a good payload rating and impressive comfort for a pickup truck.