Kia is presenting three new concept cars at this week’s Geneva Motor Show, which were developed under the guidance of chief designer Peter Schreyer at the carmaker’s new European design center. All three cars carry the ‘SOUL’ title and are closely related to an upcoming production model Kia claims will start a whole new segment when it’s launched at the Paris Motor Show in September.

The concept cars – SOUL Diva, SOUL Burner and SOUL Searcher – are each designed to appeal to different consumers and showcase a number of possibilities for customizing and personalization that future Kia customers will be able to apply to the production models.

The Kia SOUL Diva has been created for the fashion-conscious and features black, white and gold leather trim and glossy black seats designed to look like sofas. The SOUL Burner sports a black satin finish with dragon patterns on its exterior. The front bumper is equipped with L-shaped day-light LED driving lamps around the outer edges. At the rear, two vertical exhaust pipes are placed at the extremes of the bumper. The third concept, the SOUL Searcher, features an Eastern culture theme and is kitted out with soft colors and textures, and includes a leather finish for the bonnet and an automatic folding roof.