Some might argue the Jaguar brand has already done serious damage to itself under Ford's tenure as owner. Land Rover's most recent decade hasn't been nearly as off-putting as the leaping cat's but neither has it been especially memorable. With new concepts and production models just around the corner for each brand, Ratan Tata today promised that the sale to Tata Motors would not compromise the heritage of either marque.

"Our plan would be to retain the image, the touch and the feel of Jaguar and Land Rover. We will not tinker with the brands in any way. They are special global brands and whoever acquires them has a responsibility to nurture them and enable them to prosper," Tata said during a press conference at the Geneva auto show. But beyond the unique position of the brands in the marketplace, Tata is cognizant of their heritage as well: "We are conscious that the brands belong to Britain. These brands will continue to belong to Britain," said Tata. According to Automotive News Tata will keep the existing management at both Jaguar and Land Rover in place.

This affirmation of Tata's intent with Jaguar and Land Rover should lay to rest any lingering fears that the company would be stripping the legendary makers of their technology and engineering and then dumping them for a bid to ramp up their own automotive efforts. Tata has laid out in no uncertain terms his company's plan to develop and maintain the Jaguar and Land Rover brands, including future models, which the Tata Group Chairman calls "really exciting."