A man in Australia who took a new Honda Accord sedan for test-drive was arrested after he took the car over 3,852 miles (6,200km) across the Outback. Starting off in Melbourne, 30-year old Tam Thai Luu headed west to Adelaide before venturing north into the Northern Territory and ending up at Tennant Creek five days later (the equivalent of London to Istanbul). He was eventually arrested when he reportedly failed to pay for fuel at a Wycliffe Well station.

Luu went in to a local car dealer in Melbourne and signed all the papers for a test-drive just like any genuine customer. But before the dealer could hop into the passenger seat Luu was already out of the driveway.

Police have now charged Luu with the unlawful use of a motor vehicle valued at over $20,000 and he will appear in court next week, reports AAP. "We've had the recovered vehicle put on a truck and it's on its way back to where it came from - with a few more kilometers on it and probably a bit dirtier," Tennant Creek Police Superintendent Bruce Porter said.