Environmental groups have criticized Porsche’s decision to challenge London’s new congestion charge, claiming the carmaker should drop its judicial review and focus on building cleaner cars. Leading the charge is activist group Friends of the Earth (FoE), who claim the majority of Londoners support an increased congestion charge for the most polluting vehicles.

FoE's Executive Director Tony Juniper said in recent statement that “people are recognizing the urgency of cutting carbon dioxide emissions” and that “Porsche has clearly misunderstood public opinion.”

Porsche on the other hand insists the new tax on motorists is not only unfair, but it’s also a disproportionate and illegal use of power by London Mayor Ken Livingstone. Porsche’s UK manager Andy Goss explains that the judicial review is “about protecting London and Londoners from a new tax that will not only fail to reduce CO2 emissions in central London, but also increase congestion and damage air quality.”

Many believe the new scheme will have little effect on overall emissions and that a greater focus on commercial pollution is needed. Porsche has until October to overturn the new congestion charge and has already asked the court to expedite the judicial proceedings in the hope that a result can be made quickly.