A month ago news of Chrysler's impending two-week North American summer shutdown sent ripples through the automotive press. Speculation of tough times and drastic fixes ran amok. Today word from Chrysler reveals that at least three factories could remain open while the rest of the company takes a hiatus - provided demand for the company's vans stays high through mid-year.

A Chrysler spokesman said the company's Windsor, Ontario plant is planned to continue operations through the scheduled break, and it would therefore need the Twinsburg stamping plant to remain open as well so that it would have adequate supply, reports the Aurora Advocate. The third plant that may remain open is unnamed, but would most likely be involved in the Windsor plant's supply chain.

Employees at the Twinsburg plant will be allowed to use vacation time during the rest of the company's two-week rest period even if the plant continues production, although how exactly that will work remains unexplained. The summer break is planned for next year as well, although the program is subject to market forces, meaning sufficient demand could keep part of the company doing business through the break.

Via: The Truth About Cars