Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has revealed she would back a government-bailout to protect the Detroit 3 automakers from going bankrupt if the need arose. Her words mirror similar comments from Democrat rival Barack Obama, who in February said he would also help the auto industry if elected as president.

Clinton is keen to see manufacturing jobs remain in the U.S. and according to her own statistics one in eight jobs are related to the auto industry. Speaking with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, she said she would not let any of the Detroit 3 go out of business but warned that there would need to be some return. “We don't want to just keep investing in the car companies unless they change their direction," she explained.

In response, Ford and GM said they don't need a bailout but welcome Clinton’s support of the industry.

Her comments are in stark contrast to George Bush’s 2006 announcement that he would not support a government bailout of GM or Ford if they were to go bankrupt, claiming they need to “build a product that's relevant."