Exotic timepieces frequently attempt to secure some association with elite sports and activities - and the people that perform them. Though made of titanium, tungsten and carbon fiber, such watches are rarely much out of the ordinary when it comes to appearance or function. The latest creation from designer John Pszeniczny goes a bit further than most, however.

A ring of carbon fiber-encrusted Swarovksi crystal forms the skeleton for this futuristic watch, called the 'F1/Carbon GMT,' with rubber and metal accents for form and function. The high-tech LED readout focuses attention that would otherwise be stolen by the 18 identical rubies inlaid below.

A built-in lap timer and stopwatch function make it a useful track-side companion. When away from the chaos of a Formula 1 weekend, you'll always know how long until the next, because the watch keeps track of the time at every stop on the Formula 1 calendar.

Based on the core design of Pszeniczny's Luna watch, which is essentially a design of pure Swarovski crystal, the F1/Carbon GMT is a unique accessory for the truly dedicated fan.

Via: Jalopnik