North America has missed out on a host of exciting and award-winning Ford products sold in Europe for decades - vehicles like the S-Max, Mondeo and Fiesta compact - but that will soon change as the Blue Oval has introduced a new global strategy where only one model, albeit in slightly different variations, will be sold across all markets. The first of these new global models will be the Fiesta due in North America late next year or in early 2010.

Pricing has for long been an issue for Ford when introducing European-spec models into North America. The cars in Europe are significantly more expensive than their equivalent counterparts North America and, with the U.S. dollar continuing to weaken, the problem has been compounded.

Despite the unfavorable condition, Edmunds reports that the new Fiesta will cost less than the current U.S. model Focus, which already sells for less than $15,000. To achieve the low price point, Ford's U.S. design director for cars, Murray Callum, explains that engineers were able to keep costs low by working with suppliers on new technologies that produce premium-type interior materials for a lot less money.

Ford is also hoping that buyers downsizing from big SUVs packed with leather and luxury equipment will still find the car cheap and good value when compared with their current gas-guzzling trucks.

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