SEAT is attempting to make the entire driving experience safer and more comfortable through its eCar Project. The project is being jointly developed by the SEAT tech center and Telefonica Espana and the aim of the project is to apply new information and communication technologies into SEAT cars.

SEAT claims that the eCar project will be the "first services platform" that has been created for the "Connected Car". The Connected Car refers to what SEAT calls an Environmental Intelligence system that incorporates information from the driver, the vehicle and the surroundings in order to implement various entertainment services and "advanced communications within the vehicle".

The company hopes the combination of improved driver services and information plus simplified communications will improve road safety and reduce accidents.

The system also features an emergency dialing system and a navigation system that uses GoogleMaps, which also presumably allow users to access the StreetView initiative of GoogleMaps in order to make navigating easier. There will also be passenger focused developments, including infotainment, telephone capability, SMS messaging, internet access and more, all of which will be accessed on a touch screen or via voice activation.

SEAT eCar Project