Bugatti's Veyron is the stuff of legend with over 1,001hp (746kW) and a stint as the world's fastest production car. It has since been dethroned by SSC's Ultimate Aero TT, but as a luxury supercar, the Veyron remains without equal. For ten members of Australia's Supercar Club, the chance to sample the king of road cars will come in the form of a shared ownership plan that costs just AUD$179,000 (approximately US$169,000) and another AUD$9,000 (US$8,500) each year in maintenance fees.

The deal, arranged and brokered by the Supercar Club, an exclusive motoring group that buys supercars and shares them among a pool of members, will allow ten vetted members the chance to invest in a 10% share of the car, which will spend one year in Europe and another in Australia before moving out of the program. While in Europe, owners will have the opportunity to drive the car at the many famous tracks available, but each will only be allowed a total of 20 days behind the wheel each year or a maximum of 2,000km. Once the car returns to Australia, it will only be for use on private roads and tracks, as no modern left-hand drive vehicles are certified for road use down under.

Part of the package also includes a three day road trip between Monaco and Munich, with plenty of speed-unlimited Autobahns included in the route.

Once the two years are up, the owners can either get out with their cash in hand, which the club guarantees at 60% of purchase value, or trade their equity for part ownership of a new, as yet unannounced car to follow. To protect the investments made by the people chosen for ownership, the Supercar Club has made each share fully transferable so owners can sell them to other members.

Furthermore, the Supercar Club is vetting applicants carefully and putting approved buyers through an intensive training school to acquaint them with the characteristics of high-horsepower supercars.

Via: CarCentral