With the appointment of new design boss Jerome Gallix, Peugeot is set to revise its entire lineup over the coming years with a fresh look and to start the ball rolling the carmaker will debut a brand new premium coupe. In a recent interview, Gallix confirmed that the first model of the rejuvenated range will be a flagship 504 coupe.

The new 504 is expected to be roughly the same size as the current 407 coupe but its styling will be much more dramatic, with a protruding nose and curving waistline set to highlight the future lines of the car. Mechanicals will most likely be borrowed from the Citroen C5.

Speaking with AutoBild, Gallix also admitted to being a fan of the original 204 and 205 models and said a successor to these small cars would be essential to Peugeot’s future in light of tough new carbon-dioxide emissions laws.

To get an idea of the dramatic styling we can expect from Gallix, we only need to look at his first creation for the French carmaker - the 308 RC Z concept from last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, which is slated to enter production early next year.

Peugeot 308 RC Z Concept