One of the key identifying factors of the individual drivers in their cars, race helmets develop and evolve over a driver's career to reflect sponsorships, personality and nationality, among other things. For fans of McLaren-Mercedes F1 team, and especially those backing Lewis Hamilton, the team's shop is offering a chance to own a limited edition replica helmet encrusted with real Steinmetz diamonds, just like the one worn by the famous Brit in Monaco.

Interested fans had better bring their line of credit or a healthy bank account, however, because the helmets start at £15,000 ($29,400) and range up to £30,000 ($58,800). For that price, the collector will also receive a real signature from Lewis Hamilton across the visor, a display case and a numbered and signed certificate of authenticity. Unfortunately for the collector that is also a track enthusiast, the helmet is not approved for actual use, and is intended as a display piece only.

Nevertheless, the base helmet is a genuine Arai GP-5, itself a valuable piece of gear. The visor is a real Cara bullet-proof unit, and the paint scheme and decals are identical to the one worn by Hamilton. Presumably the signature across the visor or the addition of the diamonds are what move it into display-only status.

Only 100 will be sold, though with the steep pricing, that might be as many as the market will bear.