Last September Japanese tuning and aftermarket parts firm Trust filed for bankruptcy in its home country, but despite the hairy situation the tuner’s U.S. extension, GReddy Performance Parts (GPP), was able to continue operating unaffected. As in the U.S., bankruptcy in Japan is a business tool of last resort for continuing to do business while restructuring internally, and in the case of Trust the move has proven successful.

The tuner announced today that it has successfully completed the reorganization process (known as Minji-Saisei-Hou in Japan) and is hoping to return to full operations later this year. GPP representative Kenji Sumino said the company’s U.S. division will continue to work hard as it struggles to cope with the downturn in the industry. Sumino also said existing stocks of supplies are expected to last through Trust's recovery, which the American affiliate is helping to facilitate.

GPP was founded in 1994 by Trust as the U.S. distributor for its products. Since then it has built a reputation in the tuner community for strong products and good customer service. Trust was founded in Japan in 1976, and has grown to employ 190 workers. The current financial predicament has come about as a result of a major drop in sales last year and the accumulation of nearly $60 million in debt.