• Testing the BFGoodrich tire in Baja. Image via Ford-Trucks.com.

    Baja California has a way of putting everything into perspective. Concepts like "durability" and "difficulty" stand in stark relativity to the brutality of the region’s rocks, ravines and—in my particular experience—rain. MUST SEE: This UPS-Loving Kid Gets His Dream Ride, Grows Hearts Three Sizes: Video To illustrate, the best hot shower I've ever experienced was in a bare-bones Mexican hunting lodge with dish cloth-sized towels and power that shuts down at 11 p.m. sharp. I’d just plucked out my contact lenses, which had been discs of 30-grit sandpaper for the last...

  • Continental tires
    Continental Boosts Safety With Tire Tread Depth Monitor

    Tires, oil, lights. Three easy checks that any driver can make on their vehicle in a matter of minutes, but all vital to ensure your car is always ready for the road. Tires are perhaps the most important of these checks, both to check their condition and also tread depth. A healthy...

  • ContiEcoContact 5 low resistance tire
    Low Resistance, Good Wet Weather Grip From Continental Tire

    Tires: Round and black. That's all there is to it, right? Wrong. It goes without saying that as the sole contact patch between car and road, your tires are incredibly important. They obviously need to be in good condition, but the design and quality is important too. More and more people are buying...

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