The Ultimate Driving Machine

  • BMW "The Ultimate Drive" app

    Some carmakers would have you believe that it's no longer enough to simply drive around in their product, that driving is now a connected experience and one to share with a wider audience than just your passengers. To this end, BMW's new mobile app, "The Ultimate Drive" lets you discover the best driving roads in over 50 countries, and also rank, comment on and share those roads via social network sites like Facebook, or by email and GPS devices. BMW calls it a social navigation mobile app and it's the product of BMW Financial Services, which also aims to integrate the ability for customers...

  • 2012 BMW 1-Series Hatchback
    Bavarian Rhapsody: BMW Makes Music With New 1-Series (Video)

    You might not think of the voice inside your sat-nav system or the sound of your blinkers as being particularly sonorous, but then you're probably not working with BMW to turn those sounds and more into a few minutes of music as the backdrop to production of the 2012 BMW 1-Series. The man behind...

  • 2011 BMW 5-Series Long Wheelbase
    Is BMW's 'The Ultimate Driving Machine' Slogan Back?

    For reasons that still remain unclear, BMW chose to drop its hugely successful ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine’ slogan and replace it with the new ‘JOY’ campaign when it launched its latest generation Z4 Roadster last year. In fairness, BMW never formally stated that it was...

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