Saudi Arabia

  • Saudi Prince speaks out against ban on female drivers

    For the first time, Saudi Arabian women can now get behind the wheel of a car to drive themselves. The ban on women driving lifted this past Sunday. CNBC reported on the historic moment for women in the country, which is part of a grander plan to transform the ultra-conservative kingdom by 2030. Titled "Vision 2030," Saudi Arabia hopes to shift its economy away from oil production, and part of the process includes giving women the ability to drive. The government hopes it will help increase the number of two-income families in households. The country's leader, Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud...

  • Illustration for the #Women2Drive campaign in Saudi Arabia
    Female drivers to open larger car market for Saudi Arabia

    Turns out if you prevent half your population from driving you also restrict your car market. Yesterday we reported that as of next June, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will lift its ban on female drivers. Today, a report from Reuters indicates the move could bolster a lagging car market in the...

  • Dhiaa Al-Essa and his two latest Ferraris including a new 599 GTO
    Saudi 21-Year-Old Adds Ferrari 599 GTO To Collection Of 32 Supercars

    File this under the “life’s just not fair” category. A 21-year-old student in Saudi Arabia has just taken delivery of two new supercars, one of which is the fastest ever road-going Ferrari, the new 599 GTO. Dhiaa Al-Essa’s collection of supercars now stands at 33, with the...

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