Rocket car

  • The Bloodhound SSC's rocket engine, undergoing its first test firing

    In about a year’s time, pilot Andy Green will strap himself into the driver’s seat of the Bloodhound SSC, parked on the flat and straight Hakskeen Pan in South Africa. If all goes as planned, a Cosworth F1 engine will spin up to 17,500 rpm, powering a pump that injects High Test Peroxide (HTP) into a rocket engine at 600 pounds per square inch. There, the HTP will combine with solid fuel, a silver catalyst and an ignition source to provide sufficient thrust to power the Bloodhound SSC to a speed of 1,050 miles per hour, roughly Mach 1.4 at the Hakseen Pan’s elevation. It...

  • The engine from NASA's X-15 rocket plane will provide the thrust for the Sonic Wind. Image: NASA
    California Man Hopes To Break The 2,000 MPH Barrier - In A Car

    Waldo Stakes, a California inventor and land-speed-record hobbyist, is hoping to break the 2,000 mph barrier in his Sonic Wind rocket car.

  • The Diet Coke and Mentos powered Rocket Car Mark 2.
    Progress Being Made On Coke Zero And Mentos Powered Cars: Video

    A team of entertainers has developed a Diet Coke and Mentos powered rocket car, capable of traveling up to 239 feet on junk food power.

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