Relay Rides

  • OnStar partners with RelayRides on peer-to-peer car rentals

    It’s no secret that, aside from high-dollar collector models, cars are a depreciating asset. Worse, you’re paying for your car even when you’re not using it, which is why peer-to-peer car sharing services like RelayRides are growing in popularity. The concept behind RelayRides is simple: subscribers make their cars available for rental to other RelayRides subscribers, and (assuming all goes as planned) generate supplemental income from their otherwise idle car. RelayRides checks the driving record of prospective members and provides both car owners and renters with...

  • Wheelz
    Wheelz: A Car-Sharing Service For Cash-Strapped Students

    Over the past few years, we've seen a number of startups offer ways for city-dwellers to give up their personal rides and make do with borrowing cars from time to time. Zipcar is perhaps the best example of that trend, functioning less as a rental service and more like a car co-op. But recently...

  • Volkswagen starts car sharing project “Quicar – Share a Volkswagen” in Hanover
    Three's A Trend: Volkswagen Enters The Ride-Sharing Game

    Today, roughly 50% of the world's population lives in urban environments, and by 2030, the figure is expected to hit 60%. This presents an interesting challenge for automakers: given the hassle of car ownership in cities -- not to mention subways, buses, and other transportation methods available...

  • RelayRides demo
    RelayRides, Like Communism, Works Great On Paper: Video

    Over the past couple of decades, cities across Europe and North America have launched bike-sharing programs. Some have been free and open to anyone, some have required membership, and nearly all have failed miserably. But Shelby Clark thinks he can make sharing work for cars, and his company...

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