Range Extending

  • 2018 Volvo XC60

    Volvo made a wave when it became one of the first brands to announce that every vehicle it launches from 2019 on would feature an electric motor, but it won't stop there. While the near-term goal is to introduce more battery-electric cars, the brand won't exclude hydrogen fuel cells. Drive reported on Thursday that a fuel cell could serve as a range extender in future Volvo cars. The strategy is markedly different from other brands such as Mercedes-Benz, which plans for a fuel-cell-powered GLC F-Cell for 2019. The luxury SUV is actually a hydrogen-electric plug-in hybrid with a...

  • Fisker Atlantic concept unveiling before New York Auto Show, April 2012
    Fisker To Open New Midwest Tech Center For Atlantic

    Fisker’s corporate home and design studio isn’t moving from Anaheim, California any time soon, and the automaker still plans to begin Atlantic sedan production at its assembly plant in Delaware. There’s a lot of real estate, and a lot of specialized electric vehicle knowledge...

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